Pumpkin Seed Extract

Fotolia_50334031_Subscription_Monthly_XL-300x200 The pumpkin, a hard shell winter squash, is native to the Americas. For centuries Native Americans, Incas, and the Aztecs used the pumpkin for food and medicine.

After the arrival of the Conquistadores during the early 1500s, seeds of the pumpkin were taken back to Europe, and soon the squash was grown worldwide in temperate and hot climates.

The seeds of the pumpkin were used medicinally in Native American medicine, primarily for the treatment of bladder, kidney, and digestive problems.

Interest in ancient traditional healing methods led scientists to begin a study of pumpkin seeds as a support to maintain a strong healthy bladder. Clinical test results were so exciting, scientists continued their research.

EFLA® 940 is a special pumpkin seed extract that contains the complete spectrum of healthy water-soluble compounds. Frutarom uses a patented EFLA® HyperPure manufacturing process that ensures highly selective removal of the fat-soluble components from the extract. Being virtually fat free, EFLA® 940 provides an outstanding product quality.

Soybean Germ extract, SoyLife®

Fotolia_6489723_Subscription_Monthly_L-300x193Soybeans have been used in Asia for centuries for food, cosmetic use and medicine. Scientists have been researching the soybean for over 100 years. Early research focused on the protein in soy, uses for infant formula, and as a meat substitute.

Decades of research has shown that the germ is the heart of the soybean and contains the most beneficial elements. Soy germ rather than either whole bean or the fermented by-products of extraction, contains the highest natural level of isoflavones combined with more than 40 other phytonutrients that work synergistically together for health benefits.

Soy and its isoflavones are researched for their benefits in helping balance hormone levels, improve bone health and in the areas of breast, prostate and cardiovascular health. Results of clinical trials have been promising and studies continue.

SoyLife® has been the subject of more than 30 clinical studies and is patent protected for use in dietary supplements. It is high in soy isoflavones, which help balance hormonal levels. The beneficial applications of SoyLife® are for bone health, menopause, heart health, and healthy skin.