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Go-Less® is a unique Clinically Tested Formula  for the growing market  for support of optimal and normal urinary tract health, indeed 1/6 adults are affected by urinary incontinence or an overactive bladder. Less than 50% will consult with a physician due to embarrassment or to avoid drug side effects. Of course, we at Frutarom strongly encourage anyone suffering from urinary tract symptoms to talk to their physician, and rule out any more serious health concerns as urgency, frequency, and incontinence can by symptoms of a more serious condition.

For those without disease…Frutarom offers Go-Less®, carefully formulated from two natural ingredients: Pumpkin Seed EFLA®940 and SoyLife®40%.

EFLA®940 is a water-soluble pumpkin seed extract of a special variety of pumpkin (ESCOP) that contains the complete spectrum of polar and semi-polar constituents from the seed. Frutarom uses the proprietary EFLA®HyperPure extraction process that ensures highly selective removal of the fat-soluble components from the extract, providing increased stability and solubility and absence of rancidity.

SoyLife® is a soy germ extract standardized for 40% isoflavones as well as other phytonutrients from soy that are associated with improved health. Frutarom’s SoyLife® holds 35 clinical studies.

This formulation is suitable to support normal healthy bladder function in   both women and men. Possible applications include capsules, tablets, powdered beverages.

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Natural Health Benefits

Based on our data we find that Go-Less® supports


Mode of Action

Go-Less® has proven the natural beneficial activity of the ingredients in two ways:

Strengthening of pelvic floor;
An in-vitro study found that EFLA®940 pumpkin seed extract binds to androgen receptors. The androgen receptor is a ligand-activated nuclear transcription factor that mediates responses to androgens (testosterone and its metabolite DHT) in a variety of tissues, such as male sexual organs, muscle tissue and female reproductive organs. Recently it has been observed that androgens may potentially play an important role in the pelvic-floor and lower urinary track disorders by a direct anabolic effect on muscles in the urinary tract that are sensitive to androgens and contain large number of androgen receptors.

Decreased urination frequency of the bladder.
Findings of an in-vivo experiment in rats also suggest that the clinical effects of EFLA®940 might also be mediated by an activation of the arginine/nitric oxide pathway, resulting in an increased production of the muscle relaxing nitric oxide.

The complementary mode of action makes EFLA®940 lipid-free pumpkin seed extract and soybean germ extract a natural combination for targeting urge of urination and supporting bladder function in aging women and men.

Go-Less may support normal and healthy bladder function in otherwise healthy adults, clinical trial results suggest that Go-Less® may:

  • Reduce excessive frequency of urination at night and improve sleep satisfaction*
  • Reduce the number of episodes of urinary incontinence*
  • Reduce the daily average frequency of urgency

* These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and Go-Less® is not intended to treat or cure any disease. If an adult has urinary tract symptoms they should always consult with a physician. 

Go-Less® is intended to be part of urinary tract health program that includes specific exercise and periodic evaluation by a qualified health care practitioner.


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